Paramedic Failed to Administer Life Saving Drug

Paramedic Failed to Administer Life Saving Drug

61 year old Grahame Giles died of a heart attack after he was refused the medication that may have saved his life an inquest heard.

Doctors feel that Mr Giles could have survived if he had been administered a drug by the paramedic.

Brian Jewers the paramedic in question was struck off from North East Ambulance Service after the incident in March 2008.

Mr Giles’ widow Marion only found out about the exact circumstances surrounding her husband’s death after a Sky News investigation.

She told the inquest in Alnwick in Northumberland.

“I should have been told what had happened to my husband at the start. I had a right to know.”

“The hardest thing to come to terms with was to hear after three years after my husband died that the truth had all been all hushed up.”

There had to be a second inquest into Mr Giles’s death after the first coroner wasn’t aware of the details surrounding his death.

The coroner decided that the blame couldn’t just rest on the paramedic.

“This failure in care was also a failure in care provided by Brian Jewers’ employers the North East Ambulance Service.”

The reason Mrs Giles was unaware of the details of her husband’s death were blamed on a breakdown in communication.

The inquest also heard that the risk and claim department in the trust were unaware of the investigation into the actions of Mr Jewers until three years after the incident.

The Coroner revealed Mr Jewers declined to go on a course to give him the relevant training.

The representative for the Trust Katie Gollop explained that this meant that he wasn’t qualified to give Mr Giles the drug but he had been advised to administer it by a doctor.

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