Man Sues Hunt For £200000 After Falling Off Horse

Man Sues Hunt For £200000 After Falling Off Horse

Edwin Bailey 65 was left with “significant traumatic brain injuries” after being given a badly fitting riding hat during a west country hunt.

He is claiming between £150000 and £200000 for personal injury on the grounds that seven members breached Personal Protective Equipment at Work regulations by proving him with unsafe protective gear.

Bailey was employed as a whip kennel huntsman which saw him looking after all the hounds’ welfare and riding on horseback. After his horse was spooked in 2009 he was left unconscious and badly injured. Initially he had been using his own hat whilst riding however after the peak broke he stated he was taken to purchase a new one.

The hat he said was not custom-made and was simply chosen because it was the best fit. It was too tight and Bailey stated he was not told anything about how best to wear the hat how to look after it or when to replace it.

His claim entails a number of allegations against the Western Hunt including that it failed to provide adequate personal protective equipment for his work and failed to instruct him on how to look after the gear that he had been given.

Melissa from MLS says: “We hear about accidents every day and it is lucky that this one was not fatal. When it comes to head injuries one wrong landing can leave a person severly disabled with poor quality of life or even worse dead. The man in question should be extremely thankful that he has made a full recovery and that he is now able to claim compensation.”

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