Your Employment Law Rights

Under the Employment Rights Act 1996 (β€œERA”) you are entitled to certain rights in the workplace such as:

  • Protection from discrimination based on your age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy or maternity, marriage or civil partnership and gender reassignment
  • The right to be paid at least the National Minimum Wage
  • The right to join and part-take in Trade Union activities
  • Protection against disciplinary action or dismissal when serving on a jury
  • Right to work in a safe working environment

Workers also have the right to work a maximum of 48 hours a week, unless they chose to opt out of this.

Under this act, a worker can also be class a dismissal as being automatically unfair where the dismissal violates their statutory rights. There are many circumstances in which an employee can claim automatically unfair dismissal.

Here we have listed the most common circumstances below:

  • Due to pregnancy or taking maternity leave
  • Due to exercising your rights under the Working Time Regulations 1998
  • Due to the employee being a member of a Trade Union
  • Because the employee has asserted a statutory right or performed a statutory duty
  • Due to whistleblowing
  • Due to health and safety reasons
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More information can be found on our Unfair Dismissal page.

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