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Michael Lewin Solicitors are specialists in pension litigation and have assisted clients in all kinds of pension litigation matters.

Your pension could be your sole or main source of income in later life and it is imperative that any advice relating to pensions is clear and with your best interests at heart.

Unfortunately in recent years there has been a prevalence of poor advice for both regulated and unregulated sources where individuals may have been advised incorrectly or have had pension funds mis-managed.

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Was Your Pension Mis-sold?

Here at Michael Lewin Solicitors, we are proud of the fantastic feedback we receive from clients on a daily basis. If you are considering which solicitors to use for your residential property transaction, here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Have you been advised that your pension would increase only for it to decrease?
  • Have you been advised to transfer your pension from an occupational or final salary scheme into a SIPP (Self Invested Pension Plan)?
  • Were you advised to invest in high risk or foreign investments which were not suitable for your risk profile?
  • Have you not been advised about the charges associated with managing the fund or are the charges unusually high?
  • Have you been repeatedly advised to alter your investments without being advised of the risk, benefits and charges associated with this?

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Claim Compensation For Your Mis-sold Pension

If you have answered yes to any of the above then you may be entitled to compensation if the advice has caused you a financial loss. Claims of this nature are ordinarily dealt with as a form of Professional Negligence. Claims for Professional Negligence can be complicated and it is important that the case is prepared correctly from the outset.

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Michael Lewin Solicitors have particular expertise in financial litigation claims and we have set out below some of the factors which need to be considered.

Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPP)

A SIPP is a form of tax wrapper in which an individual will manage their own investment portfolio in the pension. The SIPP market was originally designed for sophisticated, experienced investors who were able to take account of the different risks associated with different types of investments.

SIPPs are not always suitable but many financial advisors received high levels of commissions and fees for placing people in SIPPs. Consequently this has resulted in circumstances were advisors have:

  • Placed individuals in SIPPS who were unsuitable because they requested a conservative pension plan and did not want high risk investments;
  • Placed individuals in SIPPs without adequately explaining the different investment options and the risks associated with these options;
  • Failed to take into account all of an individual’s circumstances before advising to enter into a SIPP
  • Placed individuals in unsuitable funds which have since failed;
  • Placed individuals in offshore funds which were not protected by the FSCS scheme.

Unregulated Funds

A number of SPP providers have used the SIPP mechanism to invest monies in unregulated funds. Such providers have, in many cases, been investigated by the FCA.

If you have had a pension or investments with any of the following companies we would be interested in speaking to you:

  • Liberty SIPP
  • Berkeley Burke
  • Carey Pensions UK LLP
  • Ethical Forestry Limited
  • Storage Pods also known as Store First
  • Global Forestry Investments

The SIPP provider are subject to strict regulatory rules regarding the advice to be given about investments and we believe that the above companies may have breached those rules.

Further we also believe that some SIPP providers have accepted clients from unregulated sources, in breach of their professional obligations.

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