Injured on a bus or coach? As a passenger on a bus that’s involved in a road incident, you are able to claim for compensation for any injury sustained. Michael Lewin Solicitors have built a great reputation for winning claims for public transport accidents.


  • No Win, No Fee available
  • You can claim up to 3 years after an accident
  • Dedicated and highly skilled claims team will deal with your case
  • High success rate for clients
  • National coverage

Michael Lewin Solicitors have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for people involved in bus and coach accidents in England and Wales. We have specialist Road Traffic accident Lawyers that have settled claims involving bus and coaches across the UK.

We can help with a wide range of Bus/Coach claims such as;

  • Passenger on a Bus
  • Hit by a bus/Coach
  • Slip/Trip or fall whilst on a Bus

Who Do You Claim Against?

It depends! when you pass on the details to us, we will assess your claim and decide whether we need to claim your compensation against the bus driver, bus company or third party (other driver, local authority etc.)

“Mr R’s Bus claim has just been settled by a specialist Road Traffic accident Lawyer from Michael Lewin Solicitors. He had been a passenger on a Bus when the Third Party suddenly emerged from a street and collided with the side of the Bus where Mr R was situated. He suffered injuries due to the accident and looked to Michael Lewin Solicitors for expert advice and guidance. Mr R was given rehabilitation therapy In order to aid his recovery and the claim was successfully settled at £4,450.00 for Mr R.”

bus accident claim

Handles for standing passenger

This depends entirely on the level of pain and suffering you have had, the length of time it lasts and how those injuries have effected your life. We will use a medical expert to provide a report with which we will be able to value your claim.

A Group Action is not usually required, and your claim can be pursued individually on the same basis as a normal Road Traffic Accident Claim.

We have years of experience in dealing with bus and coach accident claims. We have received and dealt with all of the common arguments raised by motor insurers and are able to drive your claim forwards with speed and precision whilst striving to obtain the maximum compensation possible.

Bus And Coach Accidents FAQ's

How Do I Prove I Was A Passenger On The Bus At The Time Of The Accident?

CCTV (closed-circuit television) has been used widely on all buses and Coaches up and down the country for many years. We are able to obtain this footage to determine you were on the bus at the time.

Tickets/Travel passes can also be used as evidence to show that you were on the Bus at the time of the accident.

I Have Been Involved In A Bus Accident And Now Feel Scared And Nervous When Travelling But It Is My Only Form Of Transport?

Don’t worry! If you are entitled to compensation this can also mean you can be offered rehabilitation treatment, for example Cognitive behavioural therapy or alternative therapies in order to aid your recovery.

There Are No Seatbelts On Buses, Will This Effect My Claim?

This will not affect your claim as buses are not fitted with seatbelts as it is not a legal requirement.

Is This The Same For Coaches?

All coaches which are registered before the 1st of October 2001, must be fitted with seatbelts. If this is not worn and you have an accident on a Coach it may affect your compensation.

Who Do You Claim Against?

This does depend on the circumstances of the accident, however as you are a passenger on the Bus, you are an innocent party in the accident.

What Compensation Would I Expect To Receive?

Bus claims are all considered separately regardless of how many passengers were on the bus at the time. We would specifically consider your injuries and any Expense’s or Losses that you would wish to claim for in order to get the correct amount of compensation that you deserve.

Awards typically range from £1,000 up to £1,000,000, and our promise to you is to get you the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible.


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