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We unfortunately see a lot of bicycle accident claims, which isn’t a surprise to us given the relative lack of protection the average cyclist wears and the apparent lack of respect from many other road users, all this makes cyclists extremely vulnerable to accidents and injury.

We have a great track record in getting great compensation for all cyclists, so if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an incident on the road, get in touch with our expert legal team.

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Bicycle Accident Claim

Cycling is becoming more and more popular in the UK, it’s estimated that approx. 8% of us cycles three or more times a week (equating to around 5.1 million people in Great Britain), and 15% of the population cycle at least once a month.

But with more cyclists on the road it seems that other road users still aren’t looking out for them and the UK infrastructure (greater speeds, poor road surfaces, poor road planning, hostile roads, bad driving and weak law enforcement) – unfortunately all this leads to ever increasing cycling accidents and cycling accident claims for compensation.

There are an estimated 1000 cyclists are involved in an incident or accident each week in the UK.

Cyclists are often very badly injured as a result of any accident as they have little to protect them against any impact.

Michel Lewin Solicitors are experts in getting the compensation that cyclists deserve when they come off their bike at no fault of their own.

Why Make A Claim?

Many cyclists don’t realise that if they are involved in an accident which wasn’t their fault then they might be able to make a bicycle accident compensation claim. To be able to claim we must be able to prove loss, this could be the loss (through damage) of a bike or other cycling accessories, medical expenses, time off work etc. Even if you do not have the details of the driver or vehicle involved, we might still be able to get you compensation.

Getting you back on your bike is our main priority, which is why we have made the claims process as easy as we can; typically talking to one of our specialists will be enough to get the details we need to process the claim on your behalf.

No Win, No Fee Cycling Accident Claim

About 99% of all of our cycling claims are funded through our No Win, No Fee scheme, meaning that there is no financial risk to you for claiming for your compensation through us.

Some examples of recent bicycle accidents we have pursued include:

  • Hit and run accident
  • An incident with a Bus
  • Head on accident
  • Roundabout collision
  • Side road car pulling out in front of bicycle
  • Vehicle turning straight in front of cyclist

What we may obtain on your behalf:

    • Cost of repairing your bike or its value if it is beyond repair
    • Loss of earnings
    • Personal Injury compensation
    • Prescription and medical fees
    • Replacement accessories (lights, mud guards)
    • Replacement clothing and helmet

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rob crompton head of RTA michael lewin solicitors

 Rob Crompton

Head Of Road Traffic Accidents

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Bicycle Accident Compensation Claim

This depends entirely on the level of pain and suffering you have had, the length of time it lasts and how those injuries have affected your life. We will use a medical expert to provide a report, which will be able to value your claim.

If you were over 18 when the accident occurred, you can submit a claim within three years of the date of the accident however; court proceedings must be issued within that period to avoid your claim becoming statute barred, and to allow you to continue with your claim.

If you were under the age of 18 when the accident occurred, you have until the day before your 21st birthday to submit a claim and have court proceedings issued.

Yes. If the accident was not your fault, you can look to make a claim for the damage to your bicycle. We would recommend that you keep your bike as evidence and/or take photographs of the damage to the bicycle; the bike may require inspecting. If you can, retain any purchase receipts for the bicycle. It may also be helpful to obtain an estimate for the repairs to the bike. If the bicycle is not repairable, we would recommend that you obtain a quotation for a like for like bicycle so that it can be claimed from the third party’s insurers.

Cycling Claims FAQ's

What Is The General Procedure For A Bike Claim?

Bicycle accident claims are generally run in the same way as any normal Road Traffic Accident Claim. The motor insurers of the responsible party needs to be identified and details of the claim will be submitted to them. They will return to us their position on liability and we will make arrangements to obtain medical evidence for you.

Does Not Wearing A Helmet Affect My Compensation?

As it stands presently, there is no set rule for this and each case is looked at on its own merit. Although the Highway Code states that it is recommended that a helmet is worn by a cyclist, it is not a legal requirement. We would anticipate that in the worst case scenario, a deduction in your compensation may be applied for what is known as contributory negligence. As a general comparison, not wearing a seatbelt (which is illegal unless under some extreme circumstances), generally warrants between a 0-25% deduction of your compensation. The medical expert you see will help to determine whether the injuries could have been avoided entirely had a seat belt been worn, or whether they could have simply been reduced.

What if I Didn’t Have My Lights On My Bike?

This is similar to not wearing a cycle helmet. If you are involved in a collision at night or when visibility is poor, there is a risk that you will have your compensation reduced for contributory negligence. The law will look at each case individually.

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