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Motorcycles represent a tiny percentage of the traffic on our roads in the UK but they account for a massive 19% of all deaths and serious injuries.

A motorcycle accident can be very nasty indeed, and Michael Lewin Solicitors has built a reputation of securing great compensation for riders.

With over fifteenth years’ experience in Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims, we have a highly successful track record in recovering compensation for thousands of clients every year.

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Motorcycle Accident Solicitors

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident which wasn’t your fault, our team of dedicated legal experts are ready to help you claim the compensation you deserve.

Our aim is not just to get our clients the compensation they deserve, but also to get riders back on the roads again.

A motorbike accident of any type can be very nasty, with some of the most common injuries being head impact, back injury, arm and leg fractures/breaks and even psychological damage.

These severe injuries are very common simply because the motorcyclist isn’t encased in a metal shell to protect them and take the force of the impact – obviously being in a smaller vehicle can also make them more difficult to see.

A motorcyclist, if hit, will come off their bike and hit the ground hard – we know, we see the aftermath of accidents and work hard to make sure that riders get the right level of compensation, the compensation they deserve.

Michael Lewin Solicitors have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for people involved in motorbike accidents in England and Wales.

Established in 2001, over the years we have gotten to know and understand bikers (some of us here ride too!). We understand the passion that accompanies bikers and know that whilst the compensation is important, getting back on their bike and back on the road if often of equal importance. That’s our aim.

Not only will we get you the best compensation, but we’ll help you recover any uninsured losses (i.e. damage to your leathers etc).

We win awards range from £1,000 up to £1,000,000, and our promise is to get you the compensation and support you deserve as quickly as possible.

Since we work on a No-Win-No-Fee basis, you have nothing to lose either and potentially everything to gain from talking to us.

We will happily discuss your accident, injuries, condition and losses and give you our honest advice on what we think we can do for you – all before you instruct us.

Case study: £400,000 get biker back on track

In September 2010, our claimant (Mr W) was riding his motorbike along the road when a car turned right across his path. Mr W went over the bonnet and was knocked unconscious on impact with the road.

It was a severe motorcycle accident, and he was in a coma for almost three weeks and when he awoke, his last memory was of his son’s birth, who had arrived just a month before the accident.
Having been fluent in English and Polish, he had forgotten both languages almost entirely; he suffered a brain / head injury which affected his memory, speech and language, along with a very bad fracture in his hand.

Mr W spent three months in hospital rehabilitating; his family came over from Poland to help him recover and to help get his new family literally back on their feet. His wife spent every day in hospital helping him remember how to do basic tasks, e.g. tying shoelaces, shaving – everyday things he had simply forgotten how to do – in addition to all this he had intensive speech and language therapy as well.

Before the accident, the client had just been accepted on a university foundation degree course in electrical engineering, and had passed a number of exams in his job on the London Underground, he had also been put forward for a promotion.

Mr W returned to work around six months after the motorcycle accident (a miracle in itself) – he is easily the most driven client we have worked with – he did not want to take money off the UK taxpayer in the form of benefits, and was/is determined to push on with his career and look after his family.

Sadly, his injuries have meant he now is unable to pass the same exams he had passed easily before the accident – his numeracy will never recover, nor his ability to concentrate on words, sentences etc for long periods – so his job prospects were badly affected. He is also an epilepsy risk, so is not allowed to work on live tracks in his job.

Because of the likely value of the claim, his case was to be heard in the High Court. After four years of acquiring medical evidence, details of lost earnings, occupational health records etc, we entered settlement negotiations with the insurer of the car which crossed the client’s path.
At a Joint Settlement Meeting in Central London, we managed to negotiate damages for the client in the sum of £400,000. This accounted for his injuries, his lost earnings and the future loss of income / opportunity owing to reduced prospects of him being able to progress upwards in his career.

The client was delighted with the outcome, and plans to use the money to buy a home for his children when they are older. He fully intends to keep working and providing for his family in the meantime. He is a lovely guy with a fantastic outlook on life – We’re sure he will go from strength to strength from here.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claim

The same process usually applies to people involved in an accident whilst on a motorbike as someone involved in one whilst proceeding in a car. Motor cyclists are considered to be more vulnerable as road users, but on the other hand, they are able to undertake manoeuvres that pose a greater risk to their safety. We often find that as motor cyclists are not afforded the same level of protection that a car driver is, that their injuries tend to be more severe. Where a car driver may suffer from soft tissue injuries (or whiplash as it is generally known), a motorcyclist is likely to have fractures, head injuries or lacerations which can result in scarring. As always, liability will need to be resolved. Passengers don’t usually have a problem with liability, but it may be that the insurers try to hold the motorcyclist at fault. We would gather the evidence and try to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, on the best possible terms. As long as you have been injured and are not found fully at fault, you are entitled to make a personal injury claim.

The police will generally always be involved in a Road Traffic Accident if it involves a fatality. Due to the severity of the incident, it is common for there to be witnesses available to give evidence. The police report and any witness evidence available is used to determine how the collision occurred. If the motorcyclist was deemed not responsible, a claim can be made. We can provide legal assistance for the relatives of the deceased with claims ranging from bereavement damages and funeral costs, to loss of earnings/income for the deceased (Loss of Dependency)

There are similar considerations for that of any Road Traffic Accident claim. We must firstly look at liability for the accident. This means determining who is responsible for the accident. The claim will be submitted to the third party insurers. If the other driver alleged the accident is the motor cyclists fault, we will look to disprove that by obtaining witness evidence, police reports, vehicle damage evidence, CCTV and anything else that might assist. Alongside this, we will arrange to obtain medical evidence which will be used to value the claim.

We are experts in dealing with motor cycle claims having dealt with hundreds of such claims over the years. We know the law inside out when referring to liability and the extra vulnerability that motorcyclists endure. We will ensure that we maximise the compensation you receive, whilst keeping the inconvenience to an absolute minimum.

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