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Pedestrian accidents claims: Although British and Scottish roads are generally safe for all road users, accidents involving pedestrians are unfortunately all too common.

Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable road users and injuries sustained from a collision can be very serious indeed.  

If you have had the misfortune of being involved in a road traffic accident as a pedestrian, then you may be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim, even if you do not have the details of the vehicle that hit you.

With over fifteenth years’ experience in Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims, we have a highly successful track record in recovering compensation for thousands of clients every year.

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Accidents involving pedestrians

Pedestrian accidents can often be very serious incidents, as being hit by a vehicle may result in severe injuries. Whether you were crossing the road, or you were on a pavement and a vehicle collided with you after swerving from the road, each compensation claim varies depending on the situation of the accident.

If you are involved in an accident as a pedestrian, then you may be entitled to make a claim through us.  Contact us to discuss your claim and we will provide you with our expert advice.  Even if you feel you may be partly at fault for the accident, you may still be able to make a successful claim against the driver of the vehicle.

Types of Accidents Involving Pedestrians

  • Hit and run?
  • Hit whilst on a crossing
  • Hit whilst on a pedestrian or pelican crossing
  • Hit in a car park
  • Hit by a speeding vehicle or
  • Hit after a vehicle mounts a kerb

We know that being knocked down by a vehicle, no matter how minor or serious is traumatic.  All of our clients get the same expert and personal service from our dedicated case handlers.

All road traffic accidents can cause serious injuries; however, pedestrians are probably the group that is most at risk from serious injury.

Accidents involving children as pedestrians

If your child has been involved in a road traffic accident a pedestrian then contact us see if you can pursue a claim on their behalf.  Perhaps they were crossing the road on the way to school or playing on the street when they were hit by a car. Michael Lewin Solicitors have recovered compensation for numerous infant pedestrians, even when the other driver is denying responsibility or fled from the scene.

Hit and Runs and accidents with uninsured drivers

In most cases, a driver will stop their care to check if the pedestrian they hit is okay, offer assistance and provide them with their insurance details. But sadly, many drivers who hit pedestrians panic and will flee the scene so as not to be held accountable for the accident.

This is commonly referred to as a ‘hit and run’ accident and can make an accident all the more distressing for the pedestrian involved. If you were in a road traffic accident as a pedestrian and the driver of the vehicle left the scene without providing any details (which by law they are required to do), or the driver of the vehicle that hit you turns out to be uninsured, you CAN still pursue a pedestrian accident claim. This is thanks to the insurance provided by the MIB and is also available on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Michael Lewin Solicitors have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for people involved in accidents in England and Wales.

Established in 2001 we have a superb reputation for customer service and speed of response. We have a very friendly team of highly qualified legal advisors who will help you every step of the way.

The awards we can get injured pedestrians range from £1,000 up to £1,000,000, and our promise to you is to get you the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible.

In addition, since we use on a No-Win-No-Fee basis there is absolutely no risk from contacting us to start your claim.

Claiming for an incident

To help your case, take names, addresses and contact numbers of any witnesses to the incident and take photographs of the accident scene if possible. You should also contact the Police immediately after the incident and report it.  This is vital if you do not have the registration number of the vehicle that hit you.

If you are intending to claim expenses such as extra care costs, travelling expenses or prescription costs for medication and treatment, then please remember to keep receipts as evidence.

Starting your claim couldn’t be simpler, just complete the form opposite and one of our dedicated legal team will be in touch with you.

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Pedestrian Accident Compensation Claim

Yes you can.  But you must ensure you report the collision to the police as soon as possible.  Try and remember as many details as you can about the vehicle involved; but even if you did not see the vehicle involved, or were knocked unconscious following the incident you can still pursue a claim.

It is possible to make a claim, even if you were under the influence of alcohol when the accident took place.  The circumstances of the accident will be the main factor when establishing fault for the collision.

Michael Lewin Solicitors has made many successful claims on behalf of drivers, passengers and pedestrians who have been involved in accidents with uninsured drivers and vehicles.

You can pursue a claim through Michael Lewin Solicitors on behalf of your child, if they are under the age of by acting as their “litigation friend”.  We will contact you for the details and correspond with you on behalf of the minor throughout the claim.

Yes. Ultimately the circumstances of the accident will determine who is at fault but Michael Lewin Solicitors have successfully pursued many claims, whether in part or fully, on behalf of pedestrians when the other driver was denying responsibility.

Yes. Most cyclists who have been involved in accidents with pedestrians will stop and leave their details.  However, if they do not then you can still pursue a claim. Just make sure you report the accident to the police as soon as possible.

Case Study: Compensation sum of £31,000 awarded to our client who got a hit by a car crossing the road, she severely fractured her pelvis.

Michael Lewin Solicitors secured Mrs.  “B” compensation in the sum, of £31,000.00 for her injuries when she fractured her pelvis after being hit whilst crossing the road.

Mrs “M” received also received a substantial sum of compensation, around £30,000.00 for injuries she suffered in an accident with a driver that was denying responsibility.

Miss “S”, a minor, received £1600.00 in compensation when she was hit by a car whilst crossing the road.  The other diver was denying responsibly, arguing the she was crossing the road in an unsafe place.

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