Immediately after an accident on the road you should stop at the scene of the incident– failure to do so could result in you being prosecuted by the police. At the scene of the crash you need to identify if any parties have been seriously injured and phone the relevant emergency services. The emergency services should only be called if someone is seriously injured or if the vehicles involved are causing a serious obstruction.

Traffic accident claims are generally accepted by solicitors under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This means a solicitor will accept traffic accident claims for personal injury compensation on the basis that the case is strong and that there is a good chance of the claim being resolved successfully.

Every solicitor will assess a case for car accident compensation carefully before deciding whether or not the case has the potential to be resolved. Solicitors who accept cases under the Conditional Fee Agreement are taking a risk when doing so as they do not get paid if the case is not successful. By offering “no win no fee” representation a solicitor is agreeing to share some of the risk with the client in terms of financial implications.

A client does not have to pay any upfront fees before pursuing a claim for car accident compensation – a solicitor will accept the case and start legal proceedings on the basis that the information they have been provided with is correct and that the case is likely to be successful.

When traffic accident claims are resolved successfully, the client’s solicitor will receive payment for their fees from the unsuccessful party that pays compensation to their client. This means that the client is not responsible for paying any fees or costs when their claim is resolved.

In the event that the client’s case does not proceed in the intended manner, the client will most likely be protected by an After the Event insurance policy (ATE). Usually, the successful side are able to recover their costs from the unsuccessful side, but an ATE policy will protect a client in this event.

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