Since 1930, all vehicles licenced for road use in the UK are required to take out insurance against third party risks, which should provide cover for any accidents causing damage or injury to people, vehicles, animals or property.  Sadly, with the rising cost of premiums comes an increased tendency of some drivers to “take the risk” of ignoring their obligations under the law and instead driving whilst there is no insurance in place. Despite ever more sophisticated policing techniques, all too often these uninsured drivers remain undetected.

Unlike insurance companies, the aim of our legal experts is to get you the best outcome for your road traffic incident compensation claim; even if you were hit and injured by an uninsured driver!


  • No Win, No Fee available for claiming against an uninsured driver
  • You can claim up to 3 years after an accident
  • Dedicated and highly skilled claims team will deal with your case
  • High success rate for clients
  • Uninsured drivers are a specialism for us
  • National coverage

According to the most recent statistics issued by the Motor Insurers Bureau, there are over 1 million vehicles currently in use which are uninsured. Figures published by the Department of Transport show that around ten per cent of road accidents involve either an uninsured or untraced (commonly known as “hit and run”) driver.

Fortunately, there are schemes in place which compensate victims of such accidents and at Michael Lewin Solicitors, we have a team of dedicated and experienced staff which can deal with the process from beginning to end.

What Do I Do if I’m Hit By An Uninsured Or Untraced Driver?

Firstly – don’t panic ! If you’re unable to exchange details with the other driver then take down as much information as you can including vehicle details (make, model, colour, registration number), a description of the driver where possible and any images of the accident scene. It is vital that you report any such incident to the police as soon as possible as failure to do so could jeopardise any chance of a claim in future.

Will It Affect My Insurance Premiums If I’m Hit By An Uninsured Driver?

Many leading insurers now offer a policy whereby your No Claims Bonus will remain unaffected, should your vehicle be damaged by an uninsured or untraced driver and you wish to claim for the repairs. Our advice is to check with your insurer to see whether this is specified in your policy.

uninsured drivers

Uninsured driver car accident

Firstly – don’t panic ! If you’re unable to exchange details with the other driver then take down as much information as you can including vehicle details (make, model, colour, registration number), a description of the driver where possible and any images of the accident scene. It is vital that you report any such incident to the police as soon as possible as failure to do so could jeopardise any chance of a claim in future.

The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) was founded in 1946 to compensate victims of accidents involving uninsured and untraced motorists. The MIB itself is funded by most, if not all UK motor insurers and is considered a fund of “last resort”. The MIB will only consider claims where no other insurance is in place to compensate the loss and all claims are subject to strict terms and conditions. Your solicitor will be able to discuss these in greater detail.

Again, don’t worry – you should attempt to take down as much information as you can from the scene for later use. If it transpires that the driver has given false details then the Motor Insurers Bureau will still consider your application under the “Untraced Agreement”.

Typical awards range from £1,000 up to £1,000,000, and our promise to you is to get you the maximum compensation you deserve as quickly as possible.

As we operate under a No-Win-No-Fee basis you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from putting your trust in us and letting us win your compensation for you.

Examples of our recent cases involving uninsured drivers

Mr C of Solihull was driving along a residential street when another vehicle pulled out from a side road directly into his path. The other driver apologised and provided his insurance details at the scene. Mr C was injured as a result of the accident and we were approached to pursue a claim for personal injury, including two weeks’ loss of earnings and also vehicle repair costs.

On registering Mr C’s claim we were advised that the other driver’s insurance had in fact expired two days earlier, and that he had failed to either renew his insurance or take out an alternative policy. As such, we directed Mr C’s claim to the Motor Insurers Bureau who agreed to deal with the claim under the Uninsured Drivers Agreement. Although Mr C held third party cover only, the MIB agreed to pay for his vehicle repairs as well as compensating him for his injuries and loss of earnings.

Mrs D of Carlisle was driving her two children to school and was stationary when another vehicle collided with her driver’s side door.  Both drivers got out, however the other driver was aggressive and refused to provide any details. He then drove away from the scene of the accident before Mrs D had time to take down his registration number. She then telephoned the police who provided a crime reference, however declined to take any further action.

We were approached by Mrs D to assist her in a claim for personal injuries which had been caused to herself and her two children. Although we had no details of the other driver or his vehicle, we were able to assist Mrs D with an application to the Motor Insurers Bureau under the “Untraced Drivers Agreement”. The MIB verified the accident circumstances with the police, obtained a statement from Mrs D and arranged a medical examination for her and the two children. As Mrs D held a comprehensive insurance policy it was necessary for her to arrange repairs via her own insurers, however her No Claims Bonus was unaffected as her policy catered for accidents with uninsured / untraced drivers.

We were then able to agree an amount of compensation for the injuries sustained to Mrs D and her children, as well as obtaining reimbursement of the costs of replacement car seats and Mrs D’s mobile phone which had been damaged as a result of the accident.

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