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Michael Lewin Solicitors are leading lawyers in Employment and Stress at Work Claims. We are Members of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel and are able to offer expert advice on all potential claims you may have against your employer, in both the Employment Tribunal and Civil Courts. We will conduct an initial assessment of your claim for free and act for the vast majority of our clients under the terms of a no win, no fee agreement.
If you have suffered psychiatric injury as a result of an excessive workload, you may be able to make a claim for ‘Stress at Work’.

The law in this area is extremely complex and we have provided a detailed guide to the intricacies of this area of law at the foot of this page. In order to succeed in this difficult area of law it is essential that you choose a legal representative with genuine experience in the niche area. At Michael Lewin Solicitors we have a team of lawyers dedicated solely to handling claims of this nature.

excessive workload

In order to succeed with a Excessive Workload Compensation Claim you must prove:

  • That your Employer have breached their duty of care. This means that you can prove that the Employer have acted negligently or in breach of a statutory duty.
  • That the sole or material cause of your psychiatric injury is due to stress at work. Damages would not be recoverable for injuries caused by other stressors such as financial or marital pressures.
  • That it was reasonably foreseeable to the Employer that you would suffer psychiatric illness as a result of your employment.

If you are successful in pursuing an Excessive Workload Claim then you may be able to recover damages for:

  • Personal Injuries (often referred to as General Damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity)
  • Past and Future Loss of Earnings
  • Loss of Bonus
  • Treatment Costs
  • Loss of Pension
  • Care and Assistance
  • Loss of Opportunity for future Employment (often referred to as a Smith v Manchester award)
  • The increased cost of utilities (gas, electric etc) during any periods of absence from work.

Many of the clients we act for have claims pleaded in excess of £100,000. We use the best quality medical experts to ensure that we maximise the compensation you deserve.

Excessive Workload Compensation Claims are pursued in the County Court or High Court and are a civil claim however at Michael Lewin Solicitors we will also advise you on any associated claims in the Employment Tribunal. There are complex legal arguments about pursuing claims in both the Employment Tribunal and Civil Courts but we are experts in advising clients so as to maximise the chances of recovering damages in one or both jurisdictions.

We act for a large proportion of our clients under a no win, no fee agreement (also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement) supported by After the Event insurance so that you are entirely protected in pursuing your claim.


  • I found myself in an uncomfortable situation with my employer, a big corporate financial giant, which resulted in potential grounds for sustained discrimination. From the moment I contacted Michael Lewin Solicitors, I was heard and represented superbly and I quickly felt alleviated from the stress of the situation I found myself in. The Employment team listened to my concerns and communicated promptly with empathy and a caring attitude, whilst determined the facts. Throughout the entire process, I was kept well informed, ensuring I understood all the facts of the case completely A totally satisfactory settlement was reached in an amazingly short space of time, impressive work!  I would, without hesitation, recommend Michael Lewin Solicitors.

    Mr Jackson, Northumberland
  • I really am truly grateful for your help and extreme professionalism during the course of the claim and wish you all the best for the future. You (Jessica Thompson) are a massive asset to your company and would certainly recommend you to to anyone in the future.

    Ms Davenport, Hull
  • From the outset of my case I was very impressed with the manner and professionalism I was dealt with, and any questions I had were always answered promptly and thoroughly. I would certainly recommend Michael Lewin to anyone who feels they have a complaint against their employer, especially when the employer is large organisation that ordinarily you would presume would be too big to fight, and I won! I would also like to add my thanks to Jessica Thompson who has had to deal with my many many questions but has always remained professional throughout.

  • May I thank Michael Lewin Solicitors who went above and beyond in their duties in helping me achieve the best possible outcome regarding my settlement. Very approachable and kept me up to speed throughout. Well done!

    John N, Manchester
  • I contacted Michael Lewin solicitors on a no win no fee basis, looking for advice regarding an unfair dismissal from my former employer. I gave my details over the phone and within a few days I was contacted. Michael Lewin Solicitors understood exactly what my requirements were and without delay started the legal process. They were able to explain all the technical jargon in a language that was easily understood. All emails were replied promptly, without delay, with all questions answered extensively. The advice received was professional and ALWAYS in my best interest. It was nice to have someone on my side during a time that proved to be very difficult and stressful, to say the least. The outcome achieved exceeded my expectations and I would without any hesitation recommend Michael Lewin to any person finding themselves in my unfortunate position  

    Mr Brown, Manchester
  • I would like to say thank you to you for taking on my case for unfair dismissal and winning. The help and advice I received from you was fantastic. I was very pleased on how quickly and efficiently you worked on my case. The communication and updates on the case were brilliant from the employment team and I always felt they had my best interests at heart. I will definitely be recommending your company to my family and friends and would like you to put this email on your website for other people to read so they can see what a great job you do. A big thank you for everything you did for me and my case.  

    Miss K
  • I contacted Michael Lewin Solicitors when I was unfairly made redundant. The company agreed to take on what I thought was a relatively straight forward claim against my previous employers. They immediately started to deal with my claim but when all the information was in their possession it appeared my claim wasn’t as clear cut as I had thought. The Employment team continued to fight my corner and a settlement was swiftly agreed without the need to go to tribunal. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Lewin Solicitors, they take their clients situations very seriously and do their utmost to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Thank you once again for everything you have done.

    Julie Pearce
  • I was dismissed from my job several months ago, and needed some impartial advice on the process that had led to my dismissal and to enquire if there was anything legally I could do as I knew the process of dismissal was not carried out correctly. I consulted Michael Lewin Solicitors and received a call from the Employment team and they were professional, approachable, knowledgeable, and had a warm and caring attitude. Michael Lewin Solicitors agreed to take on my case and believed from the information that I had provided we would win my case against my unfair dismissal. The solicitors had a knack of taking the legal language and turning it into a language I could understand. Their knowledge of employment law, professionalism and reassurance, encouraged me to carry on pursuing my case and believing. I am pleased to say that we won the case, and would like to thank Michael Lewin Solicitors for their tireless effort and support in fighting this case on my behalf.

  • Michael Lewin Solicitors always provided a  constructive approach to legal issues; offering a balanced opinion, whilst maintaining their client's interest. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael Lewin Solicitors for their specialist legal services. Many thanks

    Paul and Nadia
  • A few months ago, I discovered Michael Lewin Solicitors at a critical juncture of my career.  My work environment was negatively impacting my health and I needed urgent, concise, honest advice regarding my legal position. A member of the Employment team called me the same day and discussed my workplace problems at length.  The solicitors at Michawel Lewin were very approachable, empathetic, personable, genuine to speak with and in an instant, I felt relaxed and confident of a solution.  After going through the relevant documentation, Michael Lewin Solicitors provided me with all my options to address the situation.  I decided on one of those options and this became the turning point for my career resulting in resolution and an exciting new role. My sincere thanks to the team who was there for me during that awful time, was backing me and was 100% reliable.  Should my family or friends need any legal advice, I can only suggest Michael Lewin Solicitors as a true professional law firm who will provide a result and solution.  Thank You.

    Dr S


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Did you know? According to the Mental Health Foundation, 70 million days are lost from work each year in the UK due to mental ill health.

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