Last Wednesday was National Stress Awareness Day, and to mark the occasion, Michael Lewin Solicitors have been asking the general public about their experiences with stress at work. Here are the results:

Out of the 85 people we asked, 81 of them have admitted to going through stress at work in the past.


stress at work survey results - gender - michael lewin solicitors

Out of the 81 respondents who had suffered from stress at work, 47 of them were female, and 33 were male. A 55%, 39% split.

Contributing Factors

stress at work survey results - michael lewin solicitors
stress at work

Because there is regularly more than one contributing factor to stress at work, participants were able to choose multiple reasons.

A massive 73% of participants saw poor management as a contributing factor to their stress at work. This was followed by excessive workload, with 58% of all respondents. Bullying and discrimination was a contributing factor in almost half of the responses.

Jobs Sector

stress at work survey results - michael lewin solicitors

55% of respondents were employed in the private sector, while 40% were public. Because there are far more private sector workers than there are public, this indicates that stress at work is more prevalent among people working in the public sector.

There was a total of 56 different professions in the survey results, ranging across many different sectors. People who work in education accounted for almost 10% of all responses, with 7 people in the sector admitting to suffering from stress at work in the past. The most stressful job in the private sector appears to be office administrators, with 4 people having previously suffered.


stress at work survey results - michael lewin solicitors

Although people in higher salaries are susceptible to stress at work, it appears to be far more common among the workers who are paid less. People earning below £30,000 per year accounted for almost 60% of responses.


stress at work survey results - michael lewin solicitors

5 respondents were from London, making it the most stressful city to work in the UK. 8 of the people who responded to the survey were from Greater Manchester or Lancashire, making it the most stressful county.

Time off Work Due to Stress

stress at work survey results - michael lewin solicitors

41 of respondents had admitted to having time off with stress, with more than half of these people taking between a month and 6 months.

Afraid to tell Employer

stress at work survey results - michael lewin solicitors

A massive 54% of all respondents were afraid to tell their employers about suffering from stress at work. A selection of reasons below show just how little people understand about stress related illness, and how people are afraid to speak out:

“Because of what actually happened – they tried to dismiss me for capability through ill health.”

“Because they did exactly what I expected. I was actually diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression. The manager being the cause of much of this then tried to find any excuse to hasten my exit from the business. I ended up filing a grievance for bullying and harassment which ended up being unsuccessful.”

“Worried I would be labelled as incapable and inefficient”

“Expected to deal with it. No system in place to assess and manage Show weakness. Would not be taken seriously.”

“Aside from finding it hard to open up in general, the person causing the main problem was seen as someone who is “that way with everyone” and since nobody else had a problem with that kind of behaviour I became apprehensive about speaking up. Also, I got the feeling I’d be accused of ‘overreacting’.”

Original survey results here.

Special thanks to the Castleford Tigers, Depression Alliance, Mandy Kloppers and Emma White, who all contributed to our results.


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