Thanks to the hard work of the personal injury accident claims lawyers at Michael Lewin Mr B was awarded a very satisfying £3400.00 in personal injury compensation after hewas involved in a road traffic accident through no fault of his own.

Mr B from Wolverhampton was the victim of a third parties careless driving and sustained some very painful injuries as a result. Mr B was driving down a main road and he had right of way; a third party driver pulled out on to Mr B’s path and the two cars collided. The driver that pulled out of their parked position was completely responsible for the accident occurring and Mr B could do nothing to prevent the accident from happening.

Most drivers are careful and are constantly on the lookout for hazards on the roads especially in built up areas but some accident simply cannot be avoided by the non-fault party. Mr B’s accident could have happened for any number of he following reasons:

? The driver of the third party vehicle did not see Mr B’s vehicle approaching because of the blind spot in their mirrors and failed to double check for traffic by looking over their shoulder.

? The driver may have misjudged the speed that Mr B was travelling and thought they had plenty of time to pull out and set off.

? The third party driver could possibly have mis calculated the distance between their vehicle and Mr B’s vehicle.

? The driver could have been distracted and simply forgot to even check before pulling out.

Whatever the reason that Mr B was injured it was certainly not his fault and there was nothing he could have done more carefully to avoid the incident taking place.

If you think the personal injury lawyers at Michael Lewin could offer you accident claims advice about your personal injury case we are happy to offer an assessment of your claim over the phone.

Following an accident you must always remember:

Details: you need the full contact details of the driver responsible for the accident and the same for any witnesses to the incident.

Registration number: never forget to make a note of the registration number of the car that caused your accident never trust anyone to give you their correct details as some people will do anything to avoid a rise in their insurance premiums.

To speak to a personal injury expert after a road traffic accident if the accident was not your fault call the claims specialists at Michael Lewin on: 0844 844 8180.

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