After receiving personal injury advice from Michal Lewin solicitors Miss W decided to pursue her claim and was awarded nearly £2000.00 in personal injury compensation following a road traffic accident.

Road traffic accident happens on roads into the UK every single day. Over 200000 road traffic accidents occur every year. The nature of the accidents and the reasons they happen are different every time one occurs. Environmental factors and the weather may play a part in a road traffic accident happening but it is still the responsibility of the vehicle operator to drive safely under poor conditions.

Human error plays a large part in a lot of accidents that happen but even the reasons for these occurring vary. Examples of ways in which people cause accidents themselves are:

By driving recklessly: anyone who deliberately ignores the laws regarding driving on roads in the UK is a reckless driver. Speeding swerving between lanes tailgating (driving too close to the car in front) and failing to stop at traffic signals are all examples of reckless driving. This type of behaviour on the roads accounts for a large number of the accident that occur.

Inattentive and careless drivers: anyone who allows themself to be distracted whilst operating a vehicle is a careless driver. Eating drinking and smoking whilst driving can cause major accidents. Gazing at the scenery as you are driving and talking to a passenger are also examples of ways in which accidents are caused.

Drink driving: driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs means you are at a much higher risk of sustaining an injury in a road traffic accident. Your senses and your reactions are seriously impaired by these influences and you are a danger to yourself and other road users.

You should seek personal injury advice immediately after an accident if you do not want to miss out on your chance to claim road traffic accident compensation.

If you have been injured by any of the instances above you will be entitled to a compensation award providing the accident has happened within the last three years. No one deserves to be injured when they are innocently carrying out their activities and if in the event it does happen it can come as quite a shock. We are here to help you get over the incident by securing you the compensation you deserve. You will get to keep your entire award as we recover our fees from the driver responsible for your road traffic accident.

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