Following the expert personal injury claim advice he received from Michael Lewin Solicitors Mr S decided to pursue her case and was awarded over £2000.00 in road traffic accident compensation.

We take on personal injury cases from clients all over the UK as we are able to handle most cases remotely. One of our clients is Mr S from Birmingham. Mr S was driving his vehicle when he was unexpectedly crashed into by a third party driver. The third party vehicle drove straight into the back of Mr S’s car and he was jolted in the impact.

The impact and the sudden movement of Mr S’s head and neck meant that Mr S sustained a painful personal injury. Rear end collisions are one of the most common accident that happen on UK roads every year they happen for a number of reasons but the one of the most common is reckless drivers: reckless drivers account for causing nearly 10% of accidents on roads in the UK. If someone is driving carelessly because they are in a hurry or recklessly because they are irate or frustrated with the traffic then it is highly likely that at some point they are going to cause an injury to themselves.

A great example of reckless driving that causes thousands or rear end collisions is tailgating. Tailgating is when the car behind is deliberately following the car in front too closely because they are impatient or late. This kind of behaviour is not only putting them at risk but they are also putting other innocent road users in danger too. If you are tailgating another car and they have to brake quickly then the chances of you being able to stop in time are incredibly slim. Even if you have a quick reaction time physics does not change and your car will not stop any faster.

You should seek personal injury claim advice if you have been injured on a road in the UK through no fault of your own.

The driver of the vehicle that crashed into the back of Mr S was fully responsible for the incident as Mr S could have done nothing to control the third party driving into the back of his car. The third party driver was responsible for keeping an eye on the road ahead and ensuring that the distance they had left between cars was appropriate and safe.

After seeking personal injury advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors Mr S was a warded a total of £2110.00 in compensation for his injuries.

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