If you want to make a personal injury claim you need the help of a lawyer from Michael Lewin Solicitors. We specialise in most areas of liability law and can claim compensation for the majority of non-fault cases like the one made by Miss G.

You are not liable for a road traffic accident if you did everything in your power to try and avoid an incident caused by a third party driver. Even if you did nothing to stop the accident as you should not see it coming or you weren?t expecting it you are still entitled to make a claim. You will not be eligible for an award however if you contributed towards the accident taking place.

There are a number of measures you can take to try and avoid causing a road traffic accident yourself but unfortunately there is no accounting for others who are not so careful. The following advice may help you to drive more safely on the roads:

? Obey speed limits. The speed limits are there for your safety and for the safety of other road users. Extensive tests have been carried out by scientists worldwide about the effects of crashing at speed and the speed limits that have been set are the speeds it is safe to travel.

? Do not drive tiredness. It is a fact that driving whilst tired can cause a fatal accident either to you or to a third party. Never drive if you are too tired to do so. If you start getting tired whilst you are driving stop immediately and take a break. If it is possible to share the driving responsibility then it is advised that you do so.

If you have a non-fault case for making a personal injury claim you can utilise the services of a lawyer at Michael Lewin Solicitors on a ?no win no fee? basis. Miss G did just that and got to keep 100% of the £2225.00 she was awarded after her road traffic accident.

We offer our services on a no win no fee basis and there really is no catches. If we do not manage to successfully resolve your case which is highly unlikely then you do not have to pay the legal fees for the time we spent on your case. When we are successful you will still get to keep your entire award. We can claim out legal fees back from the party responsible for causing you a personal injury.

To speak to a personal injury claim lawyer about your case call: 0844 844 8180today.

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