The personal injury claim lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors have helped Mrs W secure over £1500.00 in compensation after she was the non-fault party in a road traffic accident.

Mrs W was involved in a road traffic collision at the age of 63 through no fault of her own when a third party vehicle drove straight into the side of her car. Medically speaking the elderly are at a much higher risk of sustaining a more painful and long-lasting injury in a road traffic accident than someone younger as their soft tissues in their neck that are affected by impact are weaker and more susceptible to sustaining an injury.

After consulting a solicitor from the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Mr W decided to follow their expert advice and proceed with making a claim for personal injury compensation. Mrs W’s case was a straightforward one and we were able to settle it in our usual timely manner. Usually straightforward cases where there is no doubt where the fault lies are settled within three to six months.

You should seek advice form the specialist personal injury claim lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors if you have been injured through no fault of your own in a road traffic accident.

Road traffic accidents happen every day on roads in the UK. Some accidents happen and no one is injured but the driver themselves and other accidents happen and a third party driver is injured through no fault of their own. If an innocent driver has been hit by another driver they are automatically entitled to claim compensation for their injuries if they make the claim within three years. No one deserves to be injured for no reason.

Car accident injuries can have a major impact on your daily life. A typical whiplash injury can cause major loss of strength and movement in the upper body; if you have children you may find yourself struggling to care for them or if you work in a manual job you may find you are unable to work until you have recovered.

Problems such as being unable to care for dependents are known as a ?loss of amenity?; if this has happened to you you can gain recompense for this loss as part of the award for your personal injury.

If you have been rendered unable to work and you have lost our on wages this is called a financial loss and you can make an additional claim as part of your personal injury case under the ‘special expenses? element.

To speak to the personal injury claim lawyers on the road traffic accident team at Michael Lewin Solicitors call: 0844 844 8180today.

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