The personal injury claim solicitors at Michael Lewin have recently settled another case successfully on behalf of Mr Z.

Mr Z was hit by a third party driver whilst using the UK’s road networks. Mr Z was stationary in his vehicle at a give way sign when a third party driver smashed straight into the back of his vehicle. Mr Z was obeying all the road laws at the time of his incident as he had slowed and stopped at the give way sign; the third party driver that caused Mr Z’s accident was entirely responsible both for the damage to Mr Z’s property and his person.

If you have been the driver in an incident similar to the one Mr Z was involved in you may be entitled to claim an award from the insurance company of the responsible party. Every road user in the UK must have minimum cover of third party insurance in order for their vehicle to be legal on the road. Third party insurance is there to cover for incidents like the one Mr Z was involved in.

Fully comprehensive car insurance is the best policy to have as a driver on the roads because the policy covers your vehicle for any damage if you are involved in an accident yourself without a third party involvement.

If you have been injured in a road traffic collision the personal injury claim solicitors at Michael Lewin will be able to tell you in a matter of minutes if you have a valid claim for compensation.

Do not panic if the person that caused your RTA was uninsured; the Motor Insurers Bureau is in place to protect innocent road traffic accident victims injured by an uninsured driver from suffering any losses.

In order to make a claim against the motor insurer’s bureau for a personal injury and any financial losses you must do the following after your accident:

? Take pictures of the accident scene and any damage that is immediately apparent. Pictures taken on your mobile are acceptable.

? Report the matter to the police straight away.

? Make a note of as many details as possible about the other driver but most importantly get their registration number written down.

? Seek medical assistance for any injuries.

? Take down the details of anyone who saw the accident.

? Make a note of any expenses you have to pay out as a direct result of your accident such as prescription fees for painkillers.

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