Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you gain recompense for a personal injury and for any damages you have incurred by making claims for them both on your behalf.

have been involved in a car accident and it was not my fault how much can I claim?

Each and every case for road traffic accident compensation is different and the amounts that are awarded vary tremendously. There are certain levels of compensation available for each type of injury sustained but these figures are just a guideline. The amount of compensation you are entitled to will have to be fully assessed by a qualified legal professional as so many factors have to be taken into account. The amount you are entitled to and the amount you are awarded will depend on how quickly you want to settle your claim; if you accept the first offer you are given you will be awarded significantly less than if you let the dedicated solicitors at Michael Lewin fight your case on your behalf.

Compensation awards in the UK can range from a few hundred pounds to awards in the millions; it depends entirely on your individual case.

We helped Mr R make a personal injury claim plus we also managed to get reimbursement for damages as part of the claims process and Mr R was awarded £3215.00 in total.

The amount of compensation you are entitled to is based on the following:

? The type of injury you have sustained. Compensation for bruising and soft tissue damage is lower compared to awards made to victims who have suffered broken bones lacerations leading to scarring brain damage and paralysis.

? Whether you have sustained just on injury or a few injuries; compensation will be awarded for two or more injuries if this is the case the award amounts are judged by the individual injuries you have sustained.

? The length of time it took you to recover from your injuries and the amount fo pain and suffering you had to endure in that time.

? The extent to which the injuries have affected your life on a day-to-day basis; if you can no longer carry out activities that you could prior to the accident this will be taken into account when your award is being calculated.

? Whether the accident has affected your position within the labour market; if you have been unable to work we can also claim back your loss of earnings.

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