The personal injury lawyers at Michael Lewin have again done an outstanding job in successfully securing compensation for one of our clients Mrs T.

After being injured in a car accident Mr s T decided to make a claim for personal injury compensation. Mrs T qualified for an award because she had been completely blameless for the events that took place which led to her injury. Another reason that Mrs T qualified for making a claim was because she decided to pursue compensation within three years of the accident occurring; in doing this she was within the legal time limit that victims have for claiming personal injury compensation.

Mrs T was backed into by a third party vehicle. When Mrs T’s car got reversed into there was a moment of impact in which Mrs T was jolted. This jolt caused Mr as T to sustain an injury which is commonly associated with this type of accident. After seeking advice about her eligibility to claim Mrs T went on to use our no win no fee service and was awarded £1770.90 in personal injury compensation.

If you need advice about the eligibility of your claim you can speak to the personal injury lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors on a no obligation basis about your case. We can offer you all the advice you need.

Am I eligible to make a claim under the no win no fee agreement?

This depends entirely on the nature and circumstances surrounding the incident you were involved in. The advice below may give you an idea of your eligibility to make a claim but for a more in-depth assessment you need to speak to a solicitor from the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors.

? Have you been involved in an accident that was not your fault? Were you completely blameless for the incident taking place?

? In the accident did you sustain an injury that has impacted significantly on your health and wellbeing? This injury may have lasted a week or a year; there is no set criterion for the length of time your injury has to last.

? Did you seek medical assistance for your injury? Medical evidence needs to be seen to ensure that we are obtaining you the correct level of compensation.

? Has the incident happened within the last three years? Unless there are any particularly extenuating circumstances it is unlikely you will be able to claim after this period.

To speak to the personal injury lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors call: 0844 844 8180today.

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