Police Federation Interwoven With Bullying

With newborn accusations of bullying within the police work-force an annual conference has been called to discuss erupting complaints against the organisation.

It was spurred by an accusation by Andy Dumbiotis the group’s constables’ committee vice-chairman who complained that a senior colleague had been bullied in a meeting. Although of course those accused have denied their offences.

A recent report has made buoyant that a “culture of bullying” exists within this line of work which has raised concerns about the powers bestowed upon the police. The meeting seeks to find a suitable course of action that will resolve the current issues the federation now face.

Despite the allegation that has caused a stir being that of a chairman who represents millions of police officers being bullied previous confessions by former police officers have insinuated it is actually those higher up who victimise their work-force.

One example from recent years was Bernard Cambi a detective constable while employed by Surrey Police. He stated that superiors made their co-workers feel uneasy and fearful and that many were bullied into submission during their time with the force.

The committee have now published documents by former federal officers which allege that they had been victims of “sustained abuse” and bullying.

Melissa from MLS says: “No matter the establishment bullying should not be permitted. It can cause a number of emotional and physical effects on victims stemming from lethargy and nausea to more serious problems like depression and suicidal thoughts. There has been more than one incident of a police officer committing suicide because of bullying in the past and the federation are now fighting a crippling accusations of bullying and unprofessional conduct. Action for the establishment has never been so important!”

If you have been affected by bullying in the work-place get in contact with us now!


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