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Pregnancy Discrimination Claim Compensation Have you been suffering from mistreatment at work due to the fact that you are pregnant or have you been on maternity leave and would like advice about a pregnancy discrimination claim and compensation? Have you come to the decision that putting forward a claim for compensation is the right option for you due to the instances that you have been involved in at work? Do you believe that your employer has behaved inappropriately and has not given you the opportunities that you are entitled to as a pregnant person or a person on maternity leave? There are options that are available to you and Michael Lewin may be able to help.

We received contact from a client who had been suffering in this way called Ms A from London. The reason why she contacted our team was that she had been unfairly dismissed and she believed this to be the result of pregnancy discrimination. Any kind of discrimination in the workplace is illegal and should not be allowed to occur. If the employer if the person that is discriminating against the employee they could have a case compensation brought against them.

If an employer decides to limit the opportunities for a person who is pregnant or who is about to go on to maternity leave they are mistreating them and not giving them equal opportunities. An employer should always be able to pay a person who is going on maternity leave the statutory maternity leave pay and any attempt to not deliver upon this payment is regarded as unlawful.

Do you believe that you have suffered in this way and would like advice about a pregnancy discrimination claim and compensation? Have you been considering your options following a dismissal that you have suffered because you have been pregnant?

If an employer decides that they do not want you to work for them anymore because you are pregnant or because you are going on to maternity leave they are not allowed to dismiss you. The only way that an employer can correctly dismiss you has to be for a good reason and not one of pregnancy or maternity leave.

If you found that your opportunities have been limited and that other members of staff have been given priority over yourself simply because you are pregnant or have been out of work on maternity leave this is classed as a form of discrimination and can be contested. It is illegal for an employer to dismiss a person simply because they are pregnant and this can be something that an employer can be made accountable for.

If you would like to speak to an expert about a pregnancy discrimination claim and compensation so that you can begin to look at your options you can call our offices on0844 844 9866.

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