Teacher Raped In Unsupervised Classroom Of Sex Offenders

Teacher Raped In Unsupervised Classroom Of Sex Offenders

Anyone would assume that a female civilian staff member in a prison room full of sex offenders would have the utmost protection consisting of surveillance guards and equipment to defend themselves like pepper spray or a whistle to call for help if needed. However at the Meadows Unit in Arizona a teacher was stabbed with a pen and raped.

She was assaulted by convicted rapist Jacob Harvey 20 who lingered in the classroom after all the other inmates had left. He is currently serving time for sexual assault kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

As a result the state’s worker safety agency launched a full review into the prison’s safety measures for workers. She has now filed a workers compensation claim which usually forbids litigation however her attourney Scott Zwillinger said she can also sue because the incident is a result of such extreme recklessness that her civil rights have also been violated as the prison failed to protect it’s employees.

An investigation found the prison had an understaffed unit for sex offenders failed to monitor violent sex offenders with staff who were not guards and failed to provide equipment for protection. The department could not comment because of the pending litigation.

Prison officials have stated there were no security lapses leading up to the event so have now begun installing cameras in all prison classrooms increased the number of checks and handing out pepper spray. The attack has certainly raised issues with security as the lack of supervision is seen as “completely absurd”.

The teacher who remains unnamed is now suffering from physical pain from the stabbing and emotional trauma from the rape which Zwillinger has stated will remain with her forever regardless of the amount of compensation she receives. He said given the nature of leaving a violent rapist alone with a member of staff particularly a female one that the judgement could reach up to $10 million if the case reaches a trial.

Meadows Unit houses 1300 rapists child molestorers and other sex offenders. It’s former deputy warden Carl ToersBijns commented that the assault highlights the problems of chronic understaffing and the lack of security policies which put staff at risk.

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