How Can Racism Be Eradicated When Law Enforcers Are Not Condemned For Racist Behaviour?

How Can Racism Be Eradicated When Law Enforcers Are Not Condemned For Racist Behaviour?

The law is supposed to inflict punishment upon discrimination and unlawful conduct towards innocent people however what if this type of behaviour is in fact found within the officers that roam our streets? A new investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches has used freedom of information laws in order to find evidence that less that one percent of racist complaints are answered with action against the officer in question.

They found that only 77 of 7963 complaints in England and Wales between 2005 and 2007 were followed by disciplinary action after internal investigations which equates to a mere 0.97 percent. They also found that some of the officers in question had numerous complaints of racism made against them but still they remained untouched. A total of 43 officers in England and Wales had four allegations made against them and 16 had more than five however none were sanctioned.

The Metropolitan Police is Britain’s largest force. Therefore it is scary to hear an establishment with so much power maintains the employment of an officer who was labelled “racist” by a judge in civil court. They also resumed the employment of another officer P.C Kevin Bridgeman who was involved in the beating and abuse of a man named Mr. Farquharson. The force claim that there was no evidence to support the complaints of racism and therefore no grounds to dismiss the officer however Mr Farquharson was awarded £250000 for assault wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution.

To the general public it would appear that someone entitled to this much compensation has without a doubt been subjected to great misconduct at the hands of the police officer. Mr Farquharson stated that it was “disgusting” and “unacceptable” that he was allowed to resume his position. Black and Asian officers within the Metropolitan Police have also claimed that the force is institutionally racist.

Dame Anne Owers chairwoman of the Independent Police Complaints Commission described what they have found to highlight complaints of race and discrimination are less likely to be upheld than any other type of complaint and that indeed there may be a risk of allowing the minority of racist officers to drop anchor in the force.

It has been argued that any police officer found to be falling short of the high expectations of the force should be immediately dismissed. Greater Manchester Police stated: “There are very clear improvements that need to be made and this will now happen.” We can only hope that forces begin to make racist complaints a priority as this type of behaviour is dangerous especially when coming from positions of power like law enforcement.

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