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Recover Debt; Do you require expert assistance to recover outstanding debt from commercial clients or consumers in Manchester? Then you should make a no obligation call to the dedicated debt recovery department at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover how our highly trained was also professionals could act on your behalf to obtain payment in full from business or personal debtors who owe you money using the quickest and most cost effective debt recovery methods available.

The debt recovery experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors were recently consulted by client who was looking to chase an outstanding debt of £665.60 from Mr L in Slough.

Do you require professional assistance to pursue outstanding funds that are owed by commercial clients or consumers to your organisation? Then you should get in touch with the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors as soon as possible for a prompt service that is hassle-free and cost-effective for your company.

The recent recession has made the swift recovery of outstanding debts for companies even more important to maintain vital cash flow for a business.

Are you seeking specialist debt recovery solicitors to help you recover debt from commercial clients or consumers who have failed to pay for goods or services that they purchased from your company in Manchester? Then look no further than the highly skilled and driven debt recovery team at Michael Lewin Solicitors for a proficient debt collection service that is fast professional and reliable.

BBC News published an article on Tuesday 26 January 2010 reporting that “As official GDP figures show the UK economy has moved out of recession experts warned that Wales faces a “double whammy” of new job losses”.

The article says that “The UK economy grew 0.1% in the last three months of 2009 ending the longest recorded downturn. The public sector job cuts in Wales may deliver a second round of an employment says an economic academic.”

If further informs us “Joblessness in Wales rose from 79000 in July 2008 to 125000 in autumn 2009 though it has dropped since. Earlier in January the motor parts maker Bosch announced the closure of its south Wales planned from next year with the loss of 900 jobs. In 2008 the firm laid off 600 contracted and agency staff at the site. Nearly 400 well-paid jobs were lost when a metal production ended at Anglesey Aluminium in Holyhead a major employer in the region.”

The article goes on to say “However business leaders have recently claimed ‘cautious optimism’ about the recovery with the South Wales Chamber of Commerce describing 2009 as ‘a tough year’.”

The highly trained and experienced professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide tailor-made solutions to your company to help you recover outstanding debt that is owed by commercial clients or consumers who have thus far failed to pay the money that they own to your organisation in Manchester; so make a no obligation call to our helpful advisers today to discover how our experts could obtain payment in full on your behalf as quickly and cost effectively as possible on: (0844) 847 2323.


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