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Recovery Debt Collection; Is your company looking for assistance with the recovery of late invoice payments or debt collection in and around Doncaster? If so Michael Lewin Solicitors offer a dedicated debt recovery service based from our offices in Yorkshire and covering the entire United Kingdom. Our team of specialists focus purely on debt recovery issues which enables us to ensure that all the legal information we provide is both relevant and up-to-date.

Our specialised debt recovery team was instigated following our continued growth in this field. We have built a considerable reputation due to the success rate we have had with all of our previous clients across all types of legal services which has meant that we receive a large volume of repeat business. Because of our previous successes we were contacted by a prospective client who had received a recommendation about our services; they were owed an amount of £1557.50 by Mr H of Huddersfield but they had to date been unsuccessful in recouping this debt and therefore took the daunting decision to seek further legal support to help them collect what they were due.

We believe in keeping things simple and will try to remove all the hassle for more we understand can be an extremely stressful situation. We will do all the hard work on your behalf through from contacting the debtor directly to dealing with the court case and any subsequent action required. We understand that the situation is different and we do not believe in charging for the services you do not use. It is for this reason that we tailor make each and every proposition we offer to our clients and the attached costs based on the individual circumstances surrounding each debt; whilst also taking into account the financial impact this procedure will have on both your business and the debtor concerned.

I need assistance with the recovery of outstanding invoices and debt collection for my business in Doncaster I have now been placed in an unfortunate situation which has had a detrimental impact on my organisation; could Michael Lewin Solicitors experts assist me with the debt recovery process and provide me with all the help and support I need in order to reach a successful resolution to my current monetary concerns?

If your business has supplied goods or services to a customer then they have a legal right to expect the payment within an agreed timescale. Michael Lewin Solicitors appreciate that the economic downturn has a detrimental impact on many businesses across the UK which has led to the inability to settle on some debts. However we also understand that these late payments can have a knock-on effect on your business and in some extreme circumstances may result in you being unable to pay the invoices of your own.

If you are looking for assistance with the recovery of unpaid commercial invoices and debt collection in the Doncaster area; Michael Lewin Solicitors are here to help. Call our team today on (0844) 847 2323


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