Case Study: Were you correctly made redundant?

Redundancy Constructive Dismissal Birmingham Do you feel that your employer may have given you redundancy unfairly or feel that this may be a cover for unfair constructive dismissal and you would like advice about the best action to take against your employer whether they are based in Birmingham or anywhere else in the country? Then please contact the highly skilled and understanding experts in employment law at Michael Lewin Solicitors today so that we can help you on your journey to receive the maximum amount of compensation available to you based on your individual circumstances.

Being made redundant from your job can be a difficult time but if you feel as though you have been unnecessarily made redundant and that your employee Dave uses redundancy as a way to get rid ifyouthen this may not be classed as redundancy at all. An employee does not have the right to choose you to take redundancy dependent on race age gender sexual orientation or religious beliefs. If your employer is doing this they can be classed as discrimination against you.

As an employee it is understandable that you trust your employer to make the best decisions for you. However if you feel that they have broken this trust by making you redundant when you feel that their actions may be classed as unfair dismissal discrimination or constructive dismissal then get in touch with the employment law specialists here at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be able to give you some answers that you may need with regards to your possible claim.

So if you are ready to take the next steps in regards to your possibly unfair redundancy and you would like to make a claim against your employer for constructive dismissal or just need advice about what to do next whether your employer is based in Birmingham or further afield please get in touch with highly trained and understanding experts here at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be able to help you take your next steps in the hopes of receiving the maximum amount of compensation available to you for your individual circumstances.

?Your employer might claim that you’re redundant when in fact they have unfairly dismissed you. This may be so they don’t have to pay you compensation for unfair dismissal. You should look carefully at the circumstances surrounding your dismissal to make sure that you are really being made redundant.

The following situations are examples of where the real reason for your dismissal might not be redundancy:

? your employer has recently taken on other people. This could mean that there has not been a reduction in the amount of work to be done

? you’re the only person being made redundant or one of only a few in a large company. This might be a sign that the type of work you do is still needed? Advice Guide 2013.

So contact Michael Lewin Solicitors today on (0844) 844 9866and get help you need to begin your redundancy or constructive dismissal claim whether you?re in Birmingham or further afield.

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