If a workplace injury has meant that you require rehabilitation to get back to work; compensation claim specialists at Michael Lewin in Manchester can help.

Mr M was 54 when he was badly injured in his workplace. He was using the tail lift on a truck at work. The tail lift mechanism was defective and it fell down with force onto his arm.

Arms which have suffered crush injuries such as this can be at risk of needing surgical intervention to allow the victim the ability to use the arm or hand as they were able to prior to the accident. Our solicitors have dealt with many cases like this and we are aware that crush injuries may need a long period of rehabilitation before the victim is capable of performing most of the tasks which they were able to perform before the accident.

In cases like this the period of time which staff are trained on using machinery may need a complete overhaul. This defective mechanism could potentially have been rectified if staff had been trained correctly in the procedures which should be in place if they spot a defective piece of machinery. Frequently at Michael Lewin our solicitors hear from clients who have noticed that the machinery is not working correctly but due to a lack of training and no clear line of communication the defect goes unmentioned until an accident occurs.

Michael Lewin’s team of helpful rehabilitation claim solicitors in Manchester will be delighted to fight for compensation on your behalf if your accident requires you to need rehabilitation.

All employers? duty of care to their employees means that they have to provide competent staff a safe working environment and the correct equipment and systems for work.

This duty of care extends to not only a minimum standard of the machinery being inspected but also takes into account operator error and tries to remedy this by stating that business owners need to ensure that staff are fully trained and that they all have input into the risk assessment which should be updated regularly.

If these regulations have not been fully adhered to then the owner will find that they are liable to pay the compensation to the victim. They can have their workplaces shut down and if an accident has involved a fatality then they can be pursued for manslaughter.

If you want compensation after an accident which has caused you to need rehabilitation then speak to one of our friendly rehabilitation claim solicitors at Michael Lewinin Manchester on 0844 499 9302.

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