Michael Lewin can help clients after an accident to get rehabilitation costs included in their claim; our specialist team can get compensation for any financial losses incurred as a result of your accident.

Miss W was working in Osset when her accident occurred in work. Our client was merely 22 years old when she fractured her wrist in an avoidable workplace accident.

She had a rehabilitation period of 6 weeks for her wrist to be in plaster for the fracture to heal. Had our client then needed any further rehabilitation then she could have claimed any of these financial losses.

Michael Lewin have many years of experience dealing with claims where their client needs rehabilitation to be able to resume their normal daily routine and be hopefully able to resume work; our highly skilled staff are dedicated to getting compensation for all the injuries and rehabilitation costs that you incur.

If you have been involved in an accident which requires rehabilitation then Michael Lewin’s team of claim solicitors are specialist in this field.

A duty of care is a much used legal term which comes into play when a company or organisation does something which could be reasonably expected to cause another person harm either intentionally or through neglect. This harm could be either a physical injury the most common type we see here or it could be a mental injury or the financial consequences of an accident could be harmful to the individual and his or her family. In a workplace an employer must provide a minimum of reasonable care towards all its employees. If this duty of care is neglected and an accident subsequently occurs employees are further covered by being able to take their employer to court to get financial compensation for any harm caused by the employer’s negligence or non-adherence to their duty of care.

Harm is caused by either the action or sometimes the inaction of the employer. Some actions which could be considered harmful to employers could include an employer removing a safety guard for cutting equipment thus increasing the likelihood for an accident to occur. An inaction causing harm could be something as simple as an employer not replacing a mat by the entrance to the building and this causing a slip or trip. Another inaction which frequently occurs is employers not insisting that warning signs are in place when liquids are spilt on the floor.

If as an employee you feel that your employer has failed to either act or they have been negligent by an inaction which could reasonably have been predicted to cause an accident then you can take legal action to get compensation. Michael Lewin can provide detailed legal advice on the circumstances of your case.

If you are the victim of an accident call: 0844 499 9302.
if you require rehabilitation our claim specialist can advise you about your claim for compensation.

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