Miss Heslop needed Michael Lewin solicitor’s religious discrimination advice in order to make a successful claim against her employer.

Miss Heslop had worked for a large chemical manufacturing company for a number of years; she had built up some strong friendships in the time she had worked there. One of her friends is a Jehovah’s Witness. Every lunchtime her friend would sit in the staff room and quietly read her bible for ten minutes after she had finished her food. Miss Heslop’s friend had been subjected to endless torment from other staff members but she just used to sit and ignore them.

Miss Heslop finally decided enough was enough and confronted the bullies asking them to leave her friend alone. After that day Miss Heslop became the focus of the torment as well. She reported the situation to their supervisor who said that there was always going to be bitchiness when there was a group of women working together and that she should just ignore it.

?My life became so unbearable that I had to consult Michael Lewin Solicitors for religious discrimination advice about making a claim both for me and my friend. I?m so glad I did as the helped us get the situation resolved and claim compensation for the bullying we suffered.? Both women were able to gain compensation for the bullying they had received in the workplace although Miss Heslop’s colleague wished to remain anonymous.

If you had suffered bullying because of your beliefs and need religious discrimination advice from one of our solicitors about making a claim call Michael Lewin on 0844 499 9302.

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