Mrs Ghanem sought expert religious discrimination advice about making a claim as she was being held back from promotion due to her religious beliefs.

Mrs Ghanem had worked in the back stock room of a large independent department store for over 3 years. She was in charge of sending any stock from storage to the front of the store and was also required to package up stock that had been sold on line for dispatch. Mrs Ghanem was of Muslim faith and was required to wear a veil called a Hijab. Her employers had never had a problem with her wearing her veil to work.

A position as assistant manager in the front of the store was advertised and Mrs Ghanem and another colleague applied for the job. Her colleague had only worked there for 4 months and was a lot younger and more inexperienced than Mrs Ghanem. Mrs Ghanem was sure she would get the promotion as she had never made a mistake in the entire time she had worked in the stock room. In the end Mrs Ghanem’s colleague was appointed the position of assistant manager.

?I went to the manager and asked why my colleague had been appointed after such a short period of time and I was told that my Hijab would be off putting to customers and that it wasn?t the image the store wanted to promote. They said if I was willing to wear the department uniform without my Hijab I would have been considered. I didn?t think this was right so I consulted Michael Lewin Solicitors for religious discrimination advice with a view to making a claim.?

Mrs Ghanem was right to seek religious discrimination advice about making a claim as her employer should never have discriminated against her because of her religious beliefs.

If you have been subjected to religious discrimination and require religious discrimination advice about making a claim then call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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