Mr Arendsen used Michael Lewin solicitor’s religious discrimination advice in order to take his employer to a tribunal for compensation.

Mr Arendsen worked for a large company that manufactured mattresses. He was a sales rep for the business and was very adept at his job having been there for 7 years; he always reached his sales targets. He often worked long hours during the week selling their products to large department stores and furniture outlets. Mr Arendsen is Jewish and needed Friday afternoons off in winter to prepare for the Sabbath; this was detailed in his contract.

Mr Arendsen’s boss was quite happy for him to take Friday afternoons off and make up for it throughout the rest of the week. When the business decided to change its shift patterns Mr Arendsen was informed he would just have to work whatever hours were given to him regardless of his faith the same as everyone else did.

?I had agreed when I took the job that I would do my contracted hours but have Friday afternoons off. I was given an ultimatum; do the new hours or leave. This was a breach of my contract and I felt that I was being persecuted because of my faith. I decided to ask a solicitor a for religious discrimination advice about making a compensation claim.?

Mr Arendsen pursued compensation from his employer on the grounds of his breached contract and was awarded compensation. If you think Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you or you need religious discrimination advice about claiming compensation call 0844 499 9302.

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