Mr Hoja suffered religious discrimination and sought advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors about making a compensation claim.

Mr Hoja had worked as the manager of a fast food restaurant for over 5 years. He had an informal agreement with his employers that he would not handle any meats that his religion did not allow him to. This was never really an issue as the restaurant did not serve either pork or bacon in the burgers it cooked. As the catering manager he wasn?t required to do any cooking very often he was just required to handle some of the products.

The fast food restaurant then decided to start serving a breakfast menu which included bacon and pork sausage. Now that the restaurant was serving pork products Mr Hoja wanted a written agreement that excluded him from having to handle these products.

?In my religion we do not handle or eat pork. I am very strict in my beliefs. The company were more than happy to give me a verbal agreement when they were only serving beef products but as soon as they started serving pork they refused to give me a written contract. I decided to seek religious discrimination advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors about compensation.?

Mr Hoja was awarded compensation as his employers were in fact in breach of a verbal contract. If you have suffered religious discrimination and need the advice of one of our solicitors about compensation then call Michael Lewin on 0844 499 9302.

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