Devout Christian nurse pursued her employers for compensation with the help of Michael Lewin’s religious discrimination solicitors in London.

Mrs Agadobe is a devout Christian wife and mother. She has been a nurse for over 20 years and has always worked for the same private trust in the same clinical research hospital. She is devoted to leading a Christian life following the rules set out in the bible and helping the sick that need her. Mrs Agadobe was a very professional nurse and followed every regulation to the letter. She did not believe that women should wear trousers as the bible states that a woman should not wear a man’s clothes. The particular hospital she worked in was very accommodating and had always allowed her to wear regulatory nurses? dresses and theatre scrub dresses.

Mrs Agadobe was asked to cover a couple of shifts at a nearby hospital for the same trust. She gladly agreed to help out. She was working on a surgical ward and was asked to attend theatre. She was given a scrub top and some scrub trousers to put on. She explained her religious beliefs and asked for a scrub dress. She basically got told not to e so picky and was ordered to wear the scrubs provided. She refused politely as she did not believe in wearing trousers.

?I am a woman of god I follow the bible to the every letter and we are told not to wear a man’s clothes. The hospital allows Muslim women to wear their own hijab and top in theatre and most hospitals allow nurses to wear a dress regardless of religion or not. I just happen to feel very strongly about this matter. I was then ordered out of the hospital. I went to see Michael Lewin religious discrimination advice solicitors in London about pursuing compensation.?

The result of Mrs Agadobe’s claim was a positive one. She was awarded compensation for racial discrimination as there was no existing policy in the hospital stating that women had to wear scrub trousers in theatre dresses were as acceptable.

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