Sikh HGV driver sought religious discrimination advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors after being unfairly dismissed from his job as a UK wagon driver.

Mr Bijral had been a wagon driver for an international haulage company for 9 years. He had held his HGV license for 12 years and had recently spent thousands on taking his articulated lorry licence so he could drive heavier articulated wagons for the company. Mr Bijral was a practising Sikh and wore a turban as this was something his faith strongly believed in.

Mr Bijral’s colleagues and employers had never had a problem with Mr Bijral wearing a turban as it did not have any impact on his skills as a driver.

?The company I worked for introduced a new health and safety policy that stated all drivers should wear a high-vis jacket and a hard had. I went to the office and said I was happy to wear the jacket but could I be excused from the hard had. They said no it is company policy now to wear a hard hat; I would have to remove my turban. I refused to do so on the grounds of my religion and the sacked me! I immediately went to see religious discrimination advice solicitors about claiming in the UK.?

Mr Bijral was awarded compensation from his employer. If you need religious discrimination advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors about making a compensation claim in the UK call 0844 499 9302.

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