Michael Lewin Solicitors religious discrimination advice helped Mr Crombie make a UK compensation claim after being bullied because of his faith.

Mr Crombie was a well-respected and well liked boss at the large catering supplies company he worked for. He had been there over 15 years and was fair and kind to all his employees. He did not however socialise with any of his employees outside of work. He was a very religious man and took his Catholic faith very seriously.

One of Mr Crombie’s employees invited him to attend his stag night party the following weekend. Mr Crombie kindly replied that he did not drink but thank you. Mr Crombie’s employee seemed to take this as an insult or a rebuff and instantly took a dislike to him.

?I very politely thanked the employee for his invite but I do not drink or go out partying so it wasn?t an appropriate event for me to be attending as I like to be at home saying my prayers at 9pm every night. My employee then took to endlessly bullying and tormenting me and I was actually more surprised and hurt at the lack of support I received from my other staff members. I decided seek the help of a solicitor who said that I needed religious discrimination advice about claiming in the UK.?

Because of Mr Crombie’s religious beliefs he had become the victim of bullying. He was awarded compensation in this situation thanks to the help he received from Michael Lewin Solicitors.

If you have been in a similar situation and need religious discrimination advice about your rights in the UK call Michael Lewin solicitor’s on 0844 499 9302.

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