Mr Corbett made a religious discrimination claim against his employers and thanks to Michael Lewin Solicitors his claim was upheld.

Mr Corbett worked for a tarmacking company. They worked shifts 24 hours a day as tarmacking roads was often easier to do on a night time when the roads were quieter. Mr Corbett was an ordained local minister and quite often performed services at his local church. He did this diligently every one week in three. He had made sure when he applied for the job 3 years ago that an allowance was made for this when he was employed by them. The tarmacking company said it was fine.

The company then took on a huge contract from highways maintenance to tarmac 2 of the UK’s major motorways. This meant all the staff working long shifts including nights and weekends. Mr Corbett found himself working 6 days per week and every Sunday. He had a word with his site supervisor about his Sunday’s off as it was very important to him and presiding over Sunday services made an enjoyable change from his full time job.

?I mentioned that I was a lay preacher and that I needed at least one in every three Sundays off to perform my duties. He laughed at me and called me a religious nut. He said that all the other people worked the shifts that they were given and if I was more concerned about my God Squad then I should get another job. I decided to make a religious discrimination claim and thanks to Michael Lewin Solicitors my claim was successful.?

Mr Corbett was extremely grateful for the help and advice he received from Michael Lewin Solicitors and was compensated for being discriminated against on the grounds of his religion.

If you need religious discrimination claim advice about making a claim for compensation then call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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