Social worker Mrs Kathson’s religious discrimination claim is a soaring success as she manages to claim compensation for unfair dismissal on the grounds of her religious beliefs.

Mrs Kathson had been a trainee social worker full time for 18 months and had worked as a qualified one for 8 months. For the 8 months she had worked unsupervised she had been working in the department that worked with youth offenders. She loved the success that she had had so far and took great pride in her work.

Mrs Kathson’s team leader then decided to change her role in the department and move her onto the adoption side for a while so she experienced every area of social work. Mrs Kathson was very happy with this move and happily continued her good work. One of the cases Mrs Kathson came across was a same sex couple wanting to adopt a baby. As a practising catholic Mrs Kathson did not believe in same sex relationships. She went to her department manager and very discreetly asked if she could pass the case on and be assigned another as she would find the case difficult to reason with.

?I have been bought up all my life to believe that there should not be same sex relationships. I therefore found it very difficult to keep an open mind on this case and explained my problems to my employer. It’s not that I mind people doing it I just don?t want to be involved as it is a major issue in our religion. My department manager immediately made a formal complaint about me and I was dismissed. I decided to seek religious discrimination claim advice and apply for compensation. I needed to do something as my career had been ruined.?

Mrs Kathson was awarded compensation for unfair dismissal as her employer was in the wrong for dismissing her without a written or verbal warning.

If you need to make a religious discrimination claim call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302 for expert guidance on making your claim.

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