Mrs Dmisek’s religious discrimination claim was successful and she was awarded compensation that’s to the expert advice she received from Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Mrs Dmisek a Russian Orthodox Jew had been employed at a private clinic for over 4 years. She was a qualified nurse and excelled at her job. She worked full time in the clinic when it was open Monday to Friday. When a new clinical director was appointed in order to expand the clinic they decided to operate the clinic 7 days per week. The reason for this was that they would get a lot more business if they also operated on a weekend.

Mrs Dmisek informed the new clinical director that she would not work on the Jewish Sabbath (Friday evening to Saturday evening) but she was willing to work any of the other six days. The clinical director told her that if she was not willing to work Saturdays then she would have to hire someone in her place who was more flexible.

?The Jewish Sabbath is a very important part of my religion and I felt like I was being forced to go against my faith. I didn?t know where to turn so I sought advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors about making a religious discrimination claim for compensation. They couldn?t have been more helpful and they made the whole process so easy for me.?

Mrs Dmisek was awarded compensation from the clinic as they were found to have discriminated against her on the grounds of her religion. If you need to make a religious discrimination claim and are seeking compensation then call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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