Mrs Bashire is awarded one of the highest compensation amounts on record after she made a religious discrimination claim against her London employer.

Mrs Bashire converted to Islam 3 years ago when she married her Muslim husband. She had worked for a large London based bank for 2 years prior to her conversion to Islam. Mrs Bashire said that her work environment became almost immediately hostile upon her returning to work after her marriage and change in religion. He co-workers harassed her constantly and her boss constantly made sly comments about her being a ?towelhead.?

Mrs Bashire endured religious discrimination nearly every day for 3 years following her conversion to Islam. She did not want to leave her well paid job as a fibre optics network manager. The final straw came when her boss marched up to her and ripped her hijab off her head saying ?would you get that thing off?.

?What my boss did to me was the ultimate insult after I had endured years of torment. He might as well have stripped me naked in front of everyone. I decided to make a religious discrimination claim against my London employer as I was no longer willing to put up with the way I was being treated.?

Mrs Bashire was awarded an astounding amount of compensation for the way she had been treated by co-workers. If you have experienced racial discrimination at work and need advice about making a religious discrimination claim in London call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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