Mrs Thurley’s religious discrimination claim was upheld when she took on her UK airline employer with the help of Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Mrs Thurley is a very religious Christian. She wears a small cross on a thin chain around her neck as a personal expression of her faith. The airport she worked in did not have a policy relating to items of jewellery. There was a strict uniform policy which all members of staff had to adhere to and Mrs Thurley was happy to do so. She wore the cross as it was a very important symbol of her faith.

The cross round Mrs Thurley’s neck was visible but it did not look out of place. Her manager asked her to remove the cross and she refused stating that the airport did not have a policy on jewellery. Mrs Thurley was correct and did not have to remove the cross. The airport then changed its uniform policy to encompass visible items of jewellery. Mrs Thurley put the cross on a longer chain so that it was no longer visible under her uniform.

?I did not want to take my cross off it is very important to me. I changed the chain so the cross was no longer visible. The uniform code stated that it shouldn?t be visible not that I shouldn?t wear it. I wasn?t breaking any rules as it was hidden. I got hounded and hounded by my atheist manager who really seemed to have it in for me because of my refusal to remove the cross altogether. I decided to make a religious discrimination claim against my UK employer to put an end to the situation.?

Thanks to Michael Lewin Solicitors the situation has been resolved amicable and Mrs Thurley was compensated for the stress she had received as a result of her desire to wear her cross.

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