When Mr Al Mubi became the victim of jokes in the workplace his lawyers told him he was the victim of religious discrimination and should speak to their specialist team of solicitors .

Mr Al Mubi used his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science to secure a job as an IT network analyst. He worked with a great team and his manager allowed him to schedule two of his breaks during the day for prayers.

When his manager left Mr Al Mubi didn?t like his new boss who was loud and bossy. His jokes were often offensive. ?He said that I am paid to work and not to pray? said Mr Al Mubi ?he told everyone that any religious proceedings should be carried out at home.?

Mr Al Mubi felt that the comments amounted to religious discrimination so he contacted Michael Lewin Solicitors for advice. His lawyers advised that the prayer sessions occurred during his normal break entitlement and didn?t have any negative impact on his colleagues or the company.

?I wasn?t sure how to handle the situation and it was fantastic to have professional legal advice available? said Mr Al Mubi. He didn?t have to pay his lawyers anything up front as Michael Lewin take their cases on a no win no fee basis. If you have experienced religious discrimination at work and would like legal advice from experienced solicitors call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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