When Miss Abaza was asked to remove her headscarf because it didn?t comply with the company’s image she made a claim for religious discrimination with the help of Michael Lewin’s team of experienced solicitors.

Miss Abaza had worked at the local shoe shop for more than 2 years and was working hard to prove she was ready for promotion to retail store manager. There was an opportunity coming up at the store where her sister lived.

She was an efficient worker and the customers liked her. Her manager appeared unsettled with Miss Abaza’s career plans and was not interested in supporting her application.

Her manager refused to put forward Miss Abaza’s application for the vacant manager’s position; Michael Lewin advised it was a definite case of religious discrimination and her claim was taken on by their professional team of solicitors

?She told me that I should consider removing my headscarf as it didn?t comply with the company’s image and she didn?t understand why my religion was so important that I had to wear it all the time.?

Miss Abaza didn?t have to pay Michael Lewin any money up front her solicitors advised her that they take payment from the third party when the case is successful.

If you have experienced religious discrimination at work and would like legal advice from experienced solicitors call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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