Miss Frankl was laughed at when she told her boss that she was offended by her colleagues screen saver; she contacted Michael Lewin for legal advice on religious discrimination and the solicitors accepted her case in London on a no win no fee basis.

Miss Frankl was employed by a large private healthcare organisation in the city centre. She worked in an office of 15 staff who had various administrative duties.

?A new employee started who made it obvious he didn?t like me because I was Jewish? said Miss Frankl ?he even went as far as putting a swastika on his screen saver.?

When she tried to complain he told her she was being over-sensitive. When no-one took the religious discrimination seriously Miss Frankl called solicitors at Michael Lewin to get legal advice for a claim in London.

?Michael Lewin were fantastic and managed to settle my claim very quickly? said Miss Frankl. Her company was ordered to revise its policy against harassment and provide training for its managers on anti-discrimination laws. If you have experienced religious discrimination at work and would like legal advice from experienced solicitors regarding a claim in London call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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