Mrs Adelman decided to make a claim for religious discrimination when no action was taken against colleagues who made offensive comments about her Jewish heritage; an expert team of solicitors in the UK at Michael Lewin handled the claim for her.

Mrs Adelman was in her fifties and no stranger to hurtful remarks from people who took issue with her religion. She had even overhead the odd comment from parents outside the school where she worked comments that she assumed she was supposed to hear.

When she started to experience similar behaviour from colleagues at the school she decided to take legal action.

?The head teacher was not strong enough to tackle the staff who were guilty of religious discrimination? said Mrs Adelman; thankfully solicitors in the UK at Michael Lewin were more than happy to accept her case. The head teacher at the school refused to approach the staff who had been making the offensive remarks to Mrs Adelman who was simply asked to ignore it.

?I was told quite often that my Jewish teaching ways were not as good as the English teaching ways.? Mrs Adelman was over the moon when Michael Lewin managed to reach a quick settlement as the school governors wanted to avoid going to court. If you have experienced religious discrimination at work and would like legal advice from experienced solicitors in the UK call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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