Ms K from Poole approached Michael Lewin Solicitors for advice after she was hurt at work whilst lifting a heavy load; heavy lifting or manual handling can cause a back neck or repetitive strain injury and a claim for compensation can be made in the UK if health and safety regulations have not been followed.

If an employer is unable to prove they have a safe system of work in place they can be liable for an injury to an employee. There are laws in place which are there to protect people like Ms K from injury by ensuring that there are health and safety guidelines in place for employers to follow.

Ms K was 39 years old when she was injured at work. The personal injury team at Michael Lewin are qualified to deal with this very complicated area of personal injury law. If an injury has been sustained as a result of manual handling they will need to analyse the case to see where fault lies. They will need to assess the task the load the working environment the employee’s capability and other factors such as the requirement of protective clothing. These areas will need to be thoroughly assessed to confirm how an injury was sustained.

An employee can make a claim for compensation if they can prove that their injury was caused as a direct result of someone else’s action or inaction. If there is an unsafe system of work in place or if dangerous working practices are being used there may be cause for a personal injury claim.

A claim for a manual handling injury or repetitive strain injury will be accepted on a no win no fee basis by Michael Lewin once evidence of third party liability has been confirmed; the team will work fearlessly with your claim to get the maximum compensation bring your case in the UK to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

Personal injury is an extremely complicated area of the law and it is highly important that the legal expert handling your claim is given all the details of your accident so they can make a fair and decisive assessment of fault. Manual handling applies to anything that you are required to lift carry push or pull. In many cases it is the weight of the load which causes injury. However it can also be the distance the load has been carried or even the amount of times the load has to be lifted as in cases of repetitive strain injury.

If your claim is accepted by Michael Lewin Solicitors you will not have to pay a penny as they will work for you on a no win no fee basis. This means that you will receive 100% of the compensation and Michael Lewin will charge their legal costs to the third party.

If you have suffered a manual handling or repetitive strain injury at work and need a professional to assess your case and help you claim compensation call Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK for expert legal advice:0844 499 9302.

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