Most repetitive strain injury claims stem from employees not receiving the correct training about how to do their job or from not being provided with the appropriate equipment to help eliminate the risk of an RSI; Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds have helped numerous clients make a claim for compensation following an accident at work involving RSI’s.

A repetitive strain injury is also known as a work related upper limb disorder. It is a way of describing the pain caused to muscles tendons and ligaments by repetitive movements and overuse. RSI’s mostly occur in the neck and shoulders wrists elbows and forearms. The main symptom of an RSI is stiffness and swelling.

The main causes of a repetitive strain injury are doing a single activity for a long period of time with no rest doing an activity that involves force like lifting heavy objects cold temperatures vibrating machinery poor posture whilst carrying out any activities that mean you have to work in an awkward position and stress.

Mr G suffered an injury to his wrist whilst he was lifting a heavy ceramic sink. In Mr G’s case he should have either been provided with the appropriate equipment to do his job such as a hoist or should have been provided with an extra member of staff to help him lift the sink.

A lot of repetitive strain injury claims are made because of accidents that happen due to poor manual handling training; if this has happened to you Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds may be able to help you claim compensation.

It is very important that all employers show responsibility for the safety and welfare of their employees. If an employee’s job involves manual handling such as lifting heavy objects then their employers should provide them with the relevant training to ensure that they know how to do their job safely. If the items that require manual handling are too heavy for one person an employer should not allow that employee to lift the item alone.

Employers should provide their employees with the appropriate equipment to do their job. Many health and safety items are available now for use in the workplace. Dollies are used to push heavy or bulky items around the work place; these are four wheeled flat trays close to the ground that are easy to manoeuvre. Pump pallet trucks are used to move pallets around the workplace as they are mechanically designed to make moving heavy pallets around the workplace strain free.

If you have been injured at work speak to the repetitive injury claims experts at Michael Lewin in Leeds. Call our friendly team on 0844 499 9302.

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