There are various possible causes of repetitive strain injury and claims can run into thousands of pounds in the UK if there is evidence that an injury was directly caused by a work place activity.

The list of possible causes are endless and it is advisable to speak to a legal advisor if you think you may be suffering from repetitive strain injury and need further information. A few of the causes more commonly reported are continuous overuse of the same muscles on a regular basis or holding the same posture on a continuous basis. Vibrating equipment can cause injury and also repeatedly carrying heavy loads.

Poor manual handling is behind thousands of claims reported each year and the injuries are extremely varied repetitive strain injury is just one of the many injuries that can be sustained when lifting or transporting heavy loads.

Michael Lewin successfully resolved a claim for compensation on behalf of 45 year old Mr S who injured his back whilst loading a heavy drum on to a vehicle at work. He was awarded ?8000.00.

The expert team of advisors at Michael Lewin have a vast knowledge of personal injury law and have accepted cases relating to all types of injuries including repetitive strain injury; they assess all claims for proof of liability and advise their clients if they are entitled to pursue compensation in the UK.

Michael Lewin accept all genuine third party liability claims on a no win no fee basis. The client does not have pay anything at all under this arrangement. This is superb news for anyone who may be hesitant in making a claim for compensation due to financial constraints. There are no hidden catches if your claim is accepted you don?t pay a penny win or lose.

The amount of compensation is decided by many factors relating to an accident. There is quick accident claims calculator on the website which will provide an indication of the amount of compensation you may receive for your injury. However it is important to speak with a legal advisor as soon as possible to get your claim assessed by professionals and moved forward towards a resolution without delay.

If you have been hurt in an accident either at work or in a public place if you are suffering from a whiplash injury repetitive strain injury or any injury relating to an accident that wasn?t your fault Michael Lewin Solicitors promise to deliver professional and friendly claims advice in the UK call them today on:0844 499 9302.

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