As many accidents occur in an office as they do in a factory or on a construction site and there are countless claims for injuries such as trips and falls or repetitive strain injury made each year; Michael Lewin Solicitors have a an expansive knowledge personal injury compensation claims in the UK involving accidents at work.

Many hazards in an office are not easy to spot. An office is not considered a hazardous working environment and therefore basic health and safety checks and procedures are sometimes neglected. Most office workers spend the majority of their working day at their desks which means that badly designed work stations can cause back and neck strains and repetitive strain injuries. Trips and falls also cause many accidents at work.

A pensioner from Chesterfield tripped over some cables at work and received £12500.00 when her claim was resolved.

With many of the accidents that occur at work each year it is often not possible to point the finger of blame at one person. However the onus is on the employer to ensure that health and safety procedures are correct and being implemented in all areas of the work place.

Michael Lewin’s personal injury specialists can manage any personal injury claim involving an accident at work even the ones more difficult to prove such as repetitive strain injury; their proven track record in personal injury law means you are guaranteed the highest quality service for your compensation claim in the UK.

Production line workers and keyboard workers are the two main working environments most likely to suffer from repetitive strain injury. RSI is caused by a continuous muscle contraction which occurs when rapid movements are repeated over and over again and limbs are unsupported or incorrectly supported.

A large part of an employer’s responsibility is the health and safety of their employees and they can be found liable for an employee’s injury if they are hurt in an accident that was caused when correct procedures were not followed. It may not be their job directly on a day to day basis but it is certainly their responsibility to make sure that their employees are following the rules. In larger companies this job may fall to another senior member of staff; however it is ultimately the employer’s responsibility to make sure this job is being done satisfactorily. Employers in the UK have been liable for millions of pounds worth of personal injury compensation claims in the last few years and in many cases it is just a lack of common sense which results in an accident.

If you have had an office accident at work which was not your fault if you have suffered a slip trip or fall or think you may be suffering from repetitive strain injury call Michael Lewin Solicitors for expert compensation claims advice in the UK:0844 499 9302.

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