FDA warnings of Baby Sleep Positioners – Risk of Suffocation

Baby Sleep positioners risk of suffocation

FDA warnings of Baby Sleep positioners risk of suffocation.  UK retailers withdraw from shelves.

In latest news, we’re hearing that the US and UK retailers are withdrawing Baby Sleep Positioners.  These products are designed to keep babies in a specific position whilst sleeping and prevent suffocation.  The FDA, Food and Drug Administration in the US has released a statement on here to warn parents and care givers not to use the anti-roll products which can cause suffocation if the baby is able to roll onto their stomach.   They go on further to state that there is little evidence of any benefit of the product.  The FDA have been quite clear in their advice and stated that these products are ‘too dangerous to use’.

Hour by hour we are hearing of more retailers withdrawing these product from the shelfs and website.  Mothercare, Tesco and eBay to name a few.  Mothercare has stated ‘due to concerns raised in the U.S over safety of infant sleep positioners we have decided to remove them from sale while we review the situation’.   It is likely more and more retailers will follow suit.

Clearly we can now see the irony that the very product designed to keep infants safe is the cause of harm.  Little information has been released on the specific cases which have brought this issue to the FDA’s attention or how quickly the FDA have acted but it would appear the retailers at least, have acted swiftly to the statement released by the FDA.

We can only warn that parents and care givers heed the advice of the FDA and not purchase these products.  They remain on sale with some retailers and may likely do so until or even if a full recall is made within the UK and EU.

This is another example of a product that is not defective by way of the production process but is clearly not fit for the purpose it was intended.

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